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Investment Options



Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA)

Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)

Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF)

What is a MIC?

A Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) is a corporation specifically designed to invest in real estate financing. It gives individuals the opportunity to invest in a pool of diversified and secured mortgages. Investors purchase Preferred Shares in the MIC and receive a proportional interest in the fund's portfolio and the income it generates. Our MIC holds only first place real estate loans and operates with specific investment criteria outlined in our Offering Memorandum filed with the BC Securities Commission annually. All loans are secured by first mortgages on BC or Alberta real estate and pass a vigorous underwriting process by a lending committee.

What is an EMD?


Exempt market securities dealers (EMD) are registered under provincial securities legislation. An EMD handles the sale of investment securities that are exempt from providing a prospectus document.  Also known as the private capital market, these investments are not publicly traded, have restrictive retraction rights and are limited for sale to only suitable investors. Dealing Representative personnel of the EMD are registered with the Securities Commission and have passed a proficiency exam. Under the Securities Act a Dealing Representative must ‘deal fairly, honestly, and in good faith in the course of their dealings with an eligible client’.

Note:  For new investors, a $5,000 initial minimum investment is required 

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We offer no annual fee on registered accounts with our Trustee.

Convenience of regular quarterly payments with the option of payment or reinvestment. 

Who is First Island's Trustee?


Informational Handouts​ [PDF] 

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