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First Island's MIC investment policies are governed by the following, as required under the Income Tax Act:

  • Investing MIC funds in first mortgages and not owning, managing or developing any property.

  • Distributing 100% of the net income to investors in the form of interest; interest is tax deductible for MICs.

  • Maintaining certain debt-to-equity ratios for liquidity protection.

  • Accepting property as security which is located in Canada and lending in BC and AB only.

  • Investing in both residential and commercial mortgages with at least 50% allocated for residential property.

  • Investing any temporary surplus of funds at a CDIC insured institution.

How does a MIC remain consistent with income tax regulations?

FIRST ISLAND'S investment policies are consistent with the Income Tax regulations. We have defined our MIC policies as:

  • Containing only first mortgages registered on real property.

  • Being RRSP and RRIF eligible through a no annual fee self-directed plan.

  • Only financing to a maximum of 75% of the appraised project value. (Often times the ratio is much lower.)

  • Not borrowing any funds to leverage the mortgage investments.

  • Securing mortgages for Alberta and British Columbia based properties.

How often can I expect to receive interest?

We pay interest quarterly, within 7 business days following the quarter end.

Choose to be paid via direct deposit, or maximize your investment by reinvesting your interest. 

  • November 1 to January 31

  • February 1 to April 30

  • May 1 to July 31

  • August 1 to October 31 

How is my interest treated for tax purposes?

Interest is treated as Interest Income as, under the Income Tax Act, MIC's receive special status.

A T5 is issued for non-registered accounts on a calendar year basis.

Is my investment guaranteed?

Although there are no guarantees with this particular type of investment, your investment is protected in a number of ways as outlined in our Investor section. Additionally, rates of return are determined entirely by the yield of the fund. As outlined in our Investor section, we go to great lengths to manage risk; our successful track record is evidence of our experienced ability to manage our fund.

What fees and/or charges will I pay?

First Island does not charge for processing your redemption, changing your interest instructions or updating the registered owner of the shares. In fact, there are no fees that are payable to First Island with any of your transactions. In addition, we pay the annual administration fee directly to your Trustee for registered accounts (RRSP, RRIF and TFSA).

How does First Island differ from other Mortgage Investment Companies?

One of the ways we differentiate ourselves in the marketplace is in our conservative lending guidelines. We believe that risk equals return. Our returns are conservative and that is because we prefer not to take unnecessary risks with our investment portfolio - your hard earned money. Our investment yields are above average, stable and yet conservative, derived solely from registered FIRST mortgages held over a diverse portfolio. In fact, First Island's owners also have significant monies invested in the MIC, further endorsing the confidence we all have in our proven formula of success. 

Benefits of investing with an Exempt Market Dealer (EMD)

First Island Mortgage Investments Ltd. is registered as an Exempt Market Dealer with the Securities Commission and adheres to strict registration requirements and compliance regulations. 

Dealing Representative personnel are also registered under provincial securities legislation and have passed a proficiency exam.  We are obligated to ‘know our product’ and ‘know our clients’ and to maintain relevant securities knowledge.    We adhere to a strict code of conduct, acting in good faith and in the best interest of our investors.  

First Island Mortgage Investments Ltd. as an EMD directs the sale of preferred shares in First Island Mortgage Investment Corp. Series IV Ltd. (our MIC).  Under the prospectus exemption, the EMD provides investors with a MIC Offering Memorandum which includes the MIC’s audited financial statements and other pertinent investment information.

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